The other day I received a “save the date” in the mail inviting me to a Vow Renewal Ceremony. How cool is that? A lovely couple we know will be bringing friends and family together this summer in the place they were married 35 years ago. They want to share and remember the commitment they made. It’s really a beautiful thing.

This got me thinking, serious commitments should be reviewed and renewed. Remembering what brought you together reignites passion and purpose. Contracts of all kinds are reevaluated for relevancy and recommitment … or at least they should be if they are important.

How about at work? We go to work day after day and fulfill our commitment to our jobs and then we get paid. But here’s the thing, our commitment to the work we do is really more than just this transaction. We bring much more of ourselves to our jobs and the organizations we serve.

This lack of connection between individuals and the organizations they share their talents and skills with is just one of the reasons for the “Great Resignation”. An employee’s relationship to an organization can become stale and it’s important for them to remember why they are there.

As leaders, we have an opportunity to remind and refresh the connection between our people and the organization. Employees connected to their team, department, and company, when they joined, but then are often left to find the magic and commitment for themselves – sometimes for many years. And we wonder why people leave to find something fresh, new, and exciting!

There is a better way.

Leaders should continuously share and communicate the values, mission and vision of the organization. And do it often.

I suggest that organizations renew and remind employees of purpose at regular weekly team meetings, at quarterly “all hands” gatherings, at sales, development, design, and staff meetings, and at retreats. Don’t be afraid to over communicate – an authentic clear consistent message is a powerful tool.

Here are just a few suggestions of the kind of programming you can use to reconfirm the goals, purpose, and direction of the organization so that you can renew and strengthen the connection between the people who work for you and your organization:

  • Review vision, mission, and values regularly.
  • Display them for all to see – yup, that hokey sign in the lunchroom has a purpose!
  • Host a facilitated workshop engaging the team with their purpose.
  • Workshop individual values and match them to the organization’s values – help them see they belong.
  • Discuss your WHY (thank you, Simon Sinek).
  • Use your strategic plan to drive action and direction everyone can enthusiastically get behind.
  • Set goals that align with the vision, mission, and values so the team is moving in the same direction.

When was the last time you reviewed and renewed your values? Purpose is a powerful driver of engagement and performance, so don’t keep it hidden. Take every opportunity to renew your most important commitments and reignite the connection.

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