If you know me at all, you know I love a really good meeting opener. But I think I Love this meeting/training/event closer almost as much!

There is nothing like a good closing reflection tool – not only does it help an event end on a positive cohesive note (think mic drop), it can also positively impact learning and retention. 

When we reflect on what we have learned, we are actively engaging with the information, processing it at a deeper level, and making connections to our prior knowledge and experiences. This helps to solidify the learning in our minds and make it more meaningful, which in turn improves retention.

Reflection also helps to transfer learning from short-term to long-term memory. When we reflect on what we have learned, we are more likely to encode the information in a way that makes it easier to retrieve later. This is because reflection helps us to organize and structure the information in a way that is meaningful and relevant for us.

Finally, a good closing reflection helps us to identify what we have learned and what we still need to learn. This can help us to focus our attention on the areas where we need to improve and develop a plan for continued learning and growth.

I love to bring in the kinesthetic – which is why I love the tool I am about to share: “Square-Circle-Triangle”. This closing activity involves drawing (which triggers right brain activity), contemplation of the experience, and sharing. 

Here are some simple instructions:

  • Have participants draw a square, a circle, and a triangle on a sheet of paper in front of them.
  • Give them a few minutes to consider and note for themselves beside each shape these questions:
    • Square: What have you learned/heard that “squares” with your thinking?
    • Circle: Next to the circle, note what is still “circling” for you?
    • Triangle: Next to the triangle, list three things that you are taking away from the experience.
  • If the group is small, each person can share what stood out to them from their reflection. If the group is large or you don’t have as much time, have participants share either verbally or in the chat one of their triangle findings. Sharing in small group breakouts is another option. No matter which method of sharing, allowing participants to reflect with others solidifies the activity and helps people feel seen and heard.

Square-Circle-Triangle is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used in a variety of settings, including meetings, training sessions, and workshops. Try Square-Circle-Triangle to solidify and confirm learning, improve retention, and identify areas where participants can focus their attention for continued growth and development.

Give this tool a try and tell me how it went in the comments below!

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