It is January 2023 and I feel compelled to write something about the New Year and the opportunity for a fresh new impact.

The New Year for me is thrilling! I am excited and energized because I love the feeling of a new start and a fresh opportunity to come out of the gate strong. Like many, I have started my “no sugar” cleanse, my 30 day yoga routine, and my reach out to contacts who went silent over the holidays. I must admit, as fun as it is, it’s also exhausting and I feel challenged to keep my energy focused. In fact… I might be feeling some regret about cutting out caffeine….

When it comes to my work in the new year, I am leaning in. I love making an impact with the leaders and teams I serve. I bring creative innovative solutions to help leaders improve communication, collaboration, and connection in their teams, and we have fun while doing it.

How about you? What are you leaning into?

I was in a class this past weekend for my ORSC (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) certification, and I learned about the concept of the Lion’s Roar. Lion’s Roar is an approach to be “fearlessness in the sense that every situation that comes up in our life is workable.” That means that nothing is rejected as good or bad and that everything is work-out-able. So this new year I’m leaning into the Lion’s Roar.

How will you use this concept of fearlessness and that we don’t really know what is good or bad, as a part of your new year? How could you apply this perspective in your leadership? Might you address those annoyances you have been tolerating like getting that dripping sink fixed or tossing the earbuds that only work in one ear? Might you move more confidently into challenging conversations or giving feedback? What positive investments are you willing to put resources and energy behind? How are you growing yourself and your team?

Don’t you like this so much more than resolutions? Much less exhausting!

Think about how you can lean into the Lion’s Roar and be brave. Happy 2023!

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