Happy January 2022, my friends!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation, and boy did I ever need it! My husband and I went on a cruise… And I know what you are thinking… How crazy is that, given the state of the world and rising pandemic numbers?

We booked this vacation pre-omicron with the excuse that my husband had to be in Ft Lauderdale directly after for a conference. The world changed fast, and sure enough, the conference was canceled, a winter storm threatened getting out of Chicago, and the CDC came out with a statement discouraging cruising. My children told me I was crazy and labeled my vacation a “murder cruise”.

We packed our masks, and went anyway.

It was wonderful. The ship was only half full, everyone on board was vaccinated and tested negative, and people wore masks in all indoor venues. I felt very safe, and more importantly, I needed a vacation.

I walked on the white sandy beach in the Bahamas you see pictured above, soaking up the strong warm sun, and wading into the clear blue sea. I needed to lean into self care, relax, sleep too much, read, order dessert, and have cocktails with little umbrellas.

Many of my clients and colleagues report feeling tired and weighed down with the knowledge that we have another year beginning much like the last. We are heavy with the risk of Covid, the risk of slow business, the isolation of continued remote work. It is absolutely a heavy burden, and if you feel this way, you are not alone.

I feel it too… but then I close my eyes and remember my walk on the beach.

Did you take some time off to recharge so that you could start the New Year off energized? What kind of self care did you employ to look after your mental health after such a challenging year?

What self care practice could you lean in to? What support are you needing right now?

I wish for you a relaxing and recharging practice, and a Happy New Year.

We are all Connected,


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